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President's Message

GM Oshawa – It is not over

To our members in Unifor and the community of Oshawa: we’re not done yet, not by a long shot.

President's Message

Progress and regression 30 years later

When I think back 30 years this week, I think about where we were and the casual sexism and misogyny that seemed to be all around us back in December

President's Message

Co-op Refinery losing touch with community it was founded to help

In the refinery business, tired equals dangerous.


Newfoundland and Labrador’s part-time work problem

Part-time work is nothing new to Canadians because employers have long exploited a gap in our employment standards that allows them to discriminate...

President's Message

Requiring streaming giants to invest in CanCon isn’t complicated: it’s the law

Today, the Disney+ streaming service becomes available in Canada, hot on the heels of Apple+, which launched on November 1st. Many are celebrating...

President's Message

Goodbye, Don Cherry, and good riddance

Every era must come to an end, and thankfully the end has come for Don Cherry’s.