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Air Canada’s purchase of Transat is the best option for workers and customers

The following Opinion piece appeared in the Globe and Mail Report on Business on July 17, 2019.

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Harper has nothing good to offer on Brexit

If Conservatives in Britain want Stephen Harper, they can have him. But for the sake of their people, they should never let him come ashore to help...

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Supporting Rainbow Refugees gets to the heart of Pride

Pride celebrations under way in communities across Canada this month are a wonderful explosion of dancing and singing, laughing, bright colours...


Small acts of resistance and larger-scale actions: Unifor fighting for fairness and preservation of critical public services in Ontario

The shocking impact of Doug Ford’s surprise budget cuts are reverberating across Ontario. While the middle-class suffers, a band of resistance led...

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We all must listen to Indigenous families

For years, they have spoken, and for years they were not heard. They spoke in the media, at rallies, at government panels and in the courts...

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Scheer should know shrinking media hurts democracy

Here was Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, Canada’s anti-progressive, media-bashing “Trump in the North,” railing against Unifor ...