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Canadian workers must be prepared for more trade fights with the U.S.

The dust had barely settled on the 2018-19 trade dispute between U.S. and Canada when the Trump administration announced in August that tariffs would

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I spent more time in jail than Scott Moe

Scott Moe killed somebody. I stood up for the rights of working people. I spent more time in jail.


A Universal Basic Income: Too Good to Be True?

Last month, it was reported that the Liberal caucus identified a guaranteed basic income as the top policy priority to debate and vote on at the party

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Recent tariffs on Canadian aluminum are senseless and hurt American interests

The Trump administration announced in late July that 10 per cent tariffs on primary aluminum imports from Canada would be levied once again.


This is a Labour Day unlike most others—and not just for the obvious reasons

What’s new about this Labour Day is the increasing rate at which workers are standing up for themselves, especially at the bargaining table.

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Through this pandemic, workers will exercise their power

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many hard-truths about the state of Canada’s economy in 2020.