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Time for a cautious return to air travel

How open our communities depends on which province we live in – and beyond that which country or region.

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Canada must retaliate against the US over aluminum tariffs

Against any semblance of good judgement, the United States is on the verge of yet another trade war with Canada by slapping a new round of tariffs...

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Canada must oppose any reimposition of unfair aluminum tariffs

News reports now suggest that the Trump administration is likely to grant the APAA request by reimposing 10% tariffs on Canadian aluminum exports...

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Intolerant and racist remarks pull back veil on Conservatives

If anyone should have a guilty conscience, it’s Randy Hillier.

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Torstar sale shows the depth of crisis in media

Canada’s conservatives must be popping champagne corks today after the sale of Canada’s largest newspaper to two of its avid supporters.

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Regina Police silence over bomb threat a dangerous game

It’s shocking enough that a bomb threat was made against picketers at the Co-op Refinery, but to learn that no one – not Regina Police, not the mayor,