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Lead Hand: Understanding the Law & Legal Accountability (ALH1)


1 Day

Are you a lead hand, team leader, journey person, shift leader, head cashier, or similar?  Are you in a position that gives you a certain amount of 'supervisory' duties, yet you are a union brother or sister?  Does management delegate their duties onto you?  If so, it is important to understand your legal responsibilities under occupational health and safety law.

No matter what province or jurisdiction we work under - whether it is provincial or federal - we all have legal duties that we have to abide by depending on your level of responsibility.  You may have legal accountability under the Criminal Code of Canada!

This course is designed for our "Union" members who provide direction to other members in their workplace.  This course will identify your responsibility within the law and the importance of due diligence.  We will answer any questions of legal accountability and discuss strategies to effectively negotiate language in your collective agreement to strengthen our union.

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