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People's Trade

Welcome to the Unifor       People's Trade Library!

This page contains documents listed on other parts of the Fair Trade Future Campaign Page, for your quick and easy reference.

You will find past reports, studies and submissions by Unifor, as well as work conducted by some of our allies, official federal government documents and web links. There may also be more documents on the pages dedicated to each trade deal.

Fair Trade Lobby Kit

The tools below are meant to help those meeting with a politician of government staff member to discuss what a Fair Trade Future looks like. The Lobby Guide has a few tips, and the Lobby Report form is for filling out after to record how the meeting went. There's also a guide finding you local Member of Parliament.

Unifor Trade Studies and Submissions

Unifor has been a leader in studying trade and analyzing the impact of trade deals on our members and communities across Canada. We have also been active participants in any opportunity to review specific trade deals, including federal Trade Committee hearings and calls for submissions.

In this section, we have compiled many of those studies and submissions.



Softwood Lumber


Trans-Pacific Partnership