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Prioritize workers in COVID-19 fight

Unifor members demand: vaccinate essential workers, paid time for vaccines, paid sick days.

Essential workers who can’t stay home, need vaccination access and paid sick days to protect workers, their families and their communities from COVID-19.

Unifor is calling on provincial governments to expedite vaccination of all frontline workers who must attend their jobs in person.

Paid time off is also urgently needed for  workers who need to receive their shots during working hours.

All workers deserve the right to paid sick days, both during this pandemic and going forward.

Unifor is calling on federal and provincial governments to legislate seven personal leave day per year, with 14 paid personal leave days during public health emergencies.

Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19!

Sign this petition to let the federal government and your provincial Premier and Health Minister know that you support Unifor members’ demands:

  • Vaccinate essential workers.
  • Paid time for vaccines.
  • Paid sick days.