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Tell the Furey government #DontSellNL

Premier Andrew Furey #DontSellNL

Unifor is calling on all Newfoundland and Labrador members to unite with workers across the province to tell the Furey government #DontSellNL!

Recommendations in ‘The Big Reset’ report by the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT) will hurt workers and impede economic recovery if implemented.

The Big Reset calls for Thatcher-style austerity measures that would cut healthcare to the bone, hold a fire sale on government assets, attack pensions, and freeze worker’s wages, taking the province backwards instead of moving to #BuildBackBetter. 

These slash-and-burn reset’ recommendations would sell away valuable assets owned by the citizens, sell off vital public services to be run at a profit by private corporations, and sell out the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Read Unifor’s release on The Big Reset report here.

Premier Furey and his government have already embraced several of The Big Reset austerity recommendations in the recent provincial budget so there is no time to waste!

Take action now! Tweet to tell Premier Furey #DontSellNL

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